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The Studio provides a wide selection of materials and tools for the artist’s use. A gradation of rollers and brayers are available, from a 1/4 inch brayer to a 24 inch over-sized circumference rubber roller. Many mark-making tools are also available including: stamps, scribes, stencils, atomizers, sponges, brushes and an assortment of papers for collage and chine colle. The house paper is Magnani Pescia, a soft, smooth 300 lb rag paper. There is a paper fee of $5 per 22” x 30” sheet. Any other paper must be brought in by prior arrangement. The studio uses linseed-oil based lithography ink with a full spectrum of colors available. Studio plates are 1/8” plexiglass, the largest, 24” x 37” reflects the press bed dimensions of the studio’s 24” Ettan tabletop etching press. To achieve a plate mark, we use 18” x 24” plates. A large selection of smaller plates, both square and rectangular are available.

Clean-up is predominantly non-toxic, with a focus on odorless solvents and vegetable oils. Two walls of opening windows offer optimum ventilation. Safety and health precautions are foremost with latex gloves provided, sealed rag containers, and designated areas for spraying. Artists are responsible for their own cleanup, including thorough cleanup of tools and rollers.

Artists wishing to use paper, inks or tools unique to their process, outside of studio provisions, or an excessive amount of any one color of ink, should discuss their needs with the studio previous to arrival. An additional materials fee may be assessed or the artist may provide the materials.


Weekend Intensives

Maximum 3 participants

fee: $600

The Intensive may be booked for any three nights, with two full studio days, 24 hour studio access, guided instruction, demonstrations and press assistance. A private bedroom and shared bath with all linens and towels is provided. The kitchen is available for your use at your convenience, although most meals are prepared together by workshop participants and the studio assistant.




Private Studio Rental

fee: $350 per day

The studio is available to make monotypes by the day. The visiting artist will work beside resident artist, Sally French, who will facilitate with printing and process. All materials, tools and equipment provided. The artist may have 24 hour access to the studio, but assistance ends at 5PM. Paper fee of $5. per sheet applicable, any specific needs to be discussed before the session. Two day sessions are recommended.





Maximum 5 participants

fee: $200

Deposit: $85. > non-refundable within 10 days of the workshop. Two-day workshops specific to monotype techniques will be offered throughout the year on an on-going basis. The residency may be available for over-nights, fee quoted upon request. 



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