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The Monotype Process is the sole focus of the studio. Monotypes are prints lifted from a plate, either hand-transferred or printed by a press, resulting in a reverse-image of the paint or ink applied to the plate. A “ghost” will be evidenced on the plate after printing allowing the artist to continue working on the imagery in subsequent prints. Each “pull” is a unique print. Spontaneity is to the artist’s advantage, with application of paint or ink widely variable.

There are many ways to arrive at imagery on the plate. Artists may use a brush, roller, brayer, stamps, stencils, rag or fingers, among other tools, to remove ink or apply marks to the plate. The press is very sensitive and will pick up the slightest application of ink.

Photo-based imagery, printed using translucent Pronto plates, is also an option in our studio. These prints are mono-chromatic. This opens up the possibility of working from a thumb-drive of previously derived images or from photo-based imagery gleaned from the internet or scanned from hardcopy. We are limited to 8.5 by 11” outprints, as this process uses our 8.5 x 11” laser printer. Imagery can be modified on our computer in photoshop at the studio to accommodate the process. Pronto plates can also be drawn upon with marking pens and subsequently inked, optioning fine lines and a drawn, lithographic feel to the monotype.

Double Dog Dare Studio embraces the collaborative process and artists are encouraged to enjoy the creative company of their fellow studio mates, share processes and experiment to find new ways of using the materials provided. An atmosphere of relaxation and freedom is cultivated.

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